All appliance breakdowns are frustrating, but discovering your oven not heating can be one of the worst. Chances are you already had your meal prepared and ready to cook, but fear not! This is a common problem that can usually be diagnosed quickly regardless of your skill or experience. 

Why Your Oven Won’t Heat

In most cases, the cause of an oven not heating can be narrowed down to a simple part failure. Follow these simple steps to find the source of the problem:

Step #1 – Check Incoming Power

For your oven to heat, it needs a steady flow of the correct voltage. Gas ovens require 120 volts coming from the wall, while electric ovens require 240 volts. The power cord also needs to be undamaged and securely connected.

How to Diagnose

Use a multimeter to test your electrical wall socket making sure it’s providing the proper voltage. Also, inspect the power cord for damage or a loose connection.

oven won't heat

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

Step #2 – Test Thermal Fuse

Both gas and electric ovens rely on a thermal fuse to protect the unit against the dangers of overheating. The part is designed to fail if the internal temperature gets too hot, preventing further use.

How to Diagnose

Unplug the oven and access the thermal fuse. The part should show continuity when tested with a multimeter. If you find none, you’ll need to install a new fuse.

oven not heating

Image from Repair Clinic

Step #3 – Inspect Bake Element

Electric ovens use a radiant element which glows bright red and heats the cavity during use. Food and grease spills can cause them to become physically damaged, or to short out.

How to Diagnose

If the element doesn’t glow red after a few minutes of use, you’ll need to inspect it for damage like holes or breaks. Test the element contacts for continuity using your multimeter and replace the part if it shows none.

oven isn't heating

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Step #4 – Check Gas Igniter

For gas models, a broken igniter may be why your oven won’t heat. It’s job is to signal the safety valve to open, and to get hot enough to ignite the gas once it’s in the oven burner.

How to Diagnose

Inspect the igniter for physical damage as they are extremely fragile. If it’s in one piece still, test it for continuity and replace the part if necessary.

no heat from oven

Image from Repair Clinic


If you still have an oven not heating after following these steps, you may need professional repair service. Call the experts at Doug’s Appliance today and get back to cooking ASAP!