If you’re going to put a new range in your kitchen, then you should know the difference between a slide in and freestanding range. Both styles have their pros and cons, of course, but an overview of the main features will help you determine which style is right for you.

Difference Between a
Slide in and Freestanding Range Explained

Let’s take a look at the difference between a slide in and freestanding range by comparing the pros and cons of each.

What is a Freestanding Range?

A key difference between a slide in and freestanding range is that a freestanding range can literally just be placed anywhere in the kitchen where it can be plugged in and hooked up. The sides are finished, so if they aren’t dependent on surrounding cabinetry to hide them.


  • Easy to switch out later for replacement
  • Easy to install
  • Rear-mounted controls protect the wall behind the range
  • Easy to clean since it can be pulled out from wall


  • Available in a small selection of widths
  • Rear-mounted controls
  • Food and debris tend to drip down sides due to separation from cabinetry


freestanding range

Photo Credit: KitchenAid

What is a Slide-In Range?

A big difference between a slide in and freestanding range is that a slide in range has a lip that overlaps the surrounding countertops, providing a seamless design. In addition, since there are no rear controls, you can show off your stylish backsplash!


  • Front mounted controls don’t require reaching over hot cookware
  • Easy to clean all around the range
  • Showcase decor by not hiding the backsplash
  • No dripping or food getting caught between range and countertop


  • Surrounding cabinets needed since side panels are unfinished


slide in range

Photo Credit: Samsung

Which Type of Range is Better?

Choosing between a slide in vs freestanding range depends on your kitchen layout and your priorities. If you are remodeling or designing a new kitchen, you have more flexibility, and can determine the location of the range and cabinets early on so you know what your options are.

If cleanliness is a priority, the slide in range is superior, since you can easily clean around all sides and there is no opportunity for food to drip in between the range and cabinets due to its overlapping design. Plus, you get a modern, more luxurious look which appeals to any kitchen design.

If the goal is economical with future flexibility, then a freestanding range may be a good choice.

Whichever range you choose, Doug’s Appliance is here to provide excellent service and keep your range performing at its peak.